Sunday, September 27, 2009

Move forward

I love this blog, but I realized that talking only about clothes/fashion was not my strong point so come check out my new blog Everything in Slow Motion. Fun to be had by all.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jacket Weather

I know that some people are dreading the end of summer. Although I love autumn, I admit that I'm not looking forward to not being able to take a nice walk around my new neighbourhood.

But there are reasons to look forward to the slow drop in temperature.

a) You don't have to shave your legs as often.
I tend to toe the line between feminine and tomboyish dressing. I love dresses but I also have surmised that my leg hair douses itself in Miracle-Gro when I'm not looking. When the air gets cooler, I can throw on tights without sweating myself into an oblivion.

b) Cute sweaters.
I've always been of the opinion that the less skin you show the more sexy you look. At least of myself in general. It's a talent to look hot while wearing a turtleneck. I mean just look at Marilyn Monroe, granted she did show off the goods a lot, she could still rock sweater puppies like no other.

c) No more flip-flops/sandals.
I don't like flip flops. They break easily, cause annoying blisters, and produce weird tan lines. In their stead I wear sandals, but they have buckles and are annoying to get on and off. I'm excited for closed toe shoes and boots. Not that I don't wear them already, it's just necessary when it gets colder.

d) Odds and ends: scarves, hats, gloves and jackets.
I love to spice up outfits with these, and like closed toe shoes, they're a necessity.

C'mon, admit it. Autumn rocks.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pack Rat

I've realized in packing to move back to Toronto [tomorrow] that although I want to bring all my clothes [and have come very close], I just can't bring everything.

Well maybe I can. I've separated certain stuff between summer and winter. Anything that is best meant for colder months such as thick sweaters can sit at home until it's needed. Summer stuff like blouses and shorts I can bring along and trade off around Thanksgiving.

In the meantime, to get the most out of hauling all my closet down to Toronto I'm going to do my best to wear all the summer-y stuff while I still can. Even though the weather can't decide between chilly/rainy and humid/sunny. It's a delicate balancing act.

Things I'm excited for:
-Moving into a house where I'll be interacting with people on a constant basis [compared to my dorm room last year, this will be paradise for my socially inept self]
-Starting fresh at a new school
-Fall! My favourite season

I'll leave you with this because it makes me giggle like a school girl.

Friday, August 21, 2009

I don't belong in Top Gun, but I feel like a maverick

These are probably the best sunglasses I've ever owned. I wear them and feel like a badass. That should be my personal fashion philosophy. Forget feeling comfortable. My confidence is proportional to how badass I feel.
My personal badass playlist:

"Dirge" - Death in Vegas
"Turn it On" - Franz Ferdinand
"22" - Magneta Lane
"Boys Wanna Be Her" - Peaches
"Kind of Beast" - Spiral Beach
"6 Underground" - Sneaker Pimps
"We Want More" - Bangs
"Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground" - The White Stripes
"Cannonball" - The Breeders
"Kiss Kiss" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
"Fuck the Pain Away" - Peaches

Walk around and feel invincible. Karen O and Peaches would do the same.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Black Lips

Yes, I am a Gossip Girl addict. I admit it. The show is like crack. On the plus side it's stimulating to watch in terms of fashion. [Except for Taylor Momsen's character Jenny. I don't buy the whole punk rock thing. She just looks like a hobo with too much eye shadow and a glammed out mullet, that does not a Joan Jett make].

Well it seems that it's not just the show that showcases eye candy. This shot from Vogue Korea is sexy without having to show off a lot of skin. I wish I could pull off shiny black lips without looking like a goth clown.

*sigh* I need to cultivate my inner vixen

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Going out?

I'm currently writing this as I'm waiting for a friend to pick me up to go out. Out as in party whatever. I'm kind of an anxious and excitable person and this tends to be most evident when I get ready to go "out". I'm the loser that gets ready like two hours before I need to be. I suppose there's nothing wrong with this as I don't really know when they're coming to get me. It's better to be ready than rushing. I've tried to be nonchalant about stuff like this, but I get too frazzled and can't keep still. It's kind of pathetic.

Anyway the point of this rant was that in my ensuing preparations, I have come to two conclusions.

1) Perfume is not my thing
2) I have no adequate bottoms for going out.

I'm wearing jean short shorts because it's either an all-black ensemble with a black skirt or a purple corduroy skirt that has seen better days. Or pants, but I shaved my legs goddamnit and I want that to be for nought.

I've never been much of a "going out" person, so I never had to supplement my wardrobe with the items you usually see on girls in these situations. Maybe that's for the best.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Just some inspirational photos on my desktop.